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Motherland vol.2
Motherland 2 sample by SmushedBoy
Capa by SmushedBoy
A giantess fetish story sequel, about a mom and her two kids and how they interact with each other, by a large and different perspective. Contains sex.
Game Over
001 by SmushedBoy
Peach and Zelda in a hot moment, unware of Mario and Link around.
Hi everyone!

Hope you were doing well. Things along this year have been surprised me. I have been spending some time to reflect and meditating about some choices due a travel period. Life is a constant change, and as more as you are able to change, easily you can transform things around you. I already made my decisions, and now I`m trying to understand it deeply, clearing all of my mind traps.

This time I come to talk about something that have a strong power of transformation: The Self Confidence. Once you begin to develop it, you will find a giant girl. It will comes to you, as long as you walk in your path. Life will bring it to you naturally, as you always keep natural and honest with yourself.

The times about fragile girls under men`s protection is coming to an end. Time to girls do their own things is rising up. They are being themselves, strong and skilled, conquering their spaces in the world. With that, they show us to do the right thing, using what you have the best inside of you. Use it`s power to reach higher places, brave new worlds, and attract to your life people who really loves you for who you are, insted of 
people who expect something of you.

The world is constantly demanding perfection from us. If you are not perfect for what they want, they discard you. But let me tell you: You are already perfect, you just need to understand who you are, without fear. But most of people don`t have time to meet you better as you would like to show them, so, it`s a journey (with a lot of adventures) that can only be performed by yourself. And as more as you go far, people around you will be benefited too, not mention your own.

Find your balance, and everything will comes up.


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This gallery contents works about giantess fetish. I believe there is a deep psyche through this, so, there is no intention to offend anyone here. If you are offended with something, I`m really sorry. You are totally free to leave, or at least, try to understand it without any preconception. But I can tell you this: there is much more stuff in the human mind that you can think, or even try to makeup it to stay okay with the soceity pattern. Know thyself.



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